Over 50 years of design expertise and exceptional customer support.

We are committed to supplying you the highest grade products for your roof and floor truss needs.


Trusco is a computerized component manufacturer servicing lumber dealers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Indiana. As a major supplier of custom building components, Trusco takes pride in excellence in design, customer service and product quality. At our plant, quality control is verified by an independent third party, Timber Product Inspection, Inc.


Committed to promoting and advancing the use of quality engineered building components through excellence in design, manufacturing, sales and support. Our goal is to always provide high care, high trust and high performance.



Service and Quality Are What Drives Us​
  • Our goal is to serve our customers – We are so customer-centric that we are going to solve the problem with you; that is what sets us apart from the competition.

  • We look for quality in everything we do - It all starts at the beginning of the quality we put into our design. This shows through the quality of trusses we produce.


  • Thinking with you in mind - We use that same thinking to decide on our suppliers, from the lumber we buy to the hangers we use. This is how we care for our customers, by taking care of how we build our trusses.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 330.658.2027 or fill out the following form:

Doylestown, OH Plant

12527 Porr Rd

Doylestown, OH 44230



Tel: 330.658.2027

Fax: 330.658.4979

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From simple to complex, our production staff is ready to supply quality roof trusses built to your specifications, delivered to your job site on time. 


We review each step of the production process to ensure our floor trusses are built accurately to the standards you have come to expect from us. 

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